Your first lesson at DHPC will be obligation free.  Beyond this point you will be required to secure your lesson time. That time slot will be considered yours for 6 months. (Time slots are changeable upon request)

DHPC offers weekly lessons NOT fortnightly, in the belief that consistency is the best form of discipline.

Regardless of the reason, if you are absent from your weekly lesson, payment is still required. This policy determines the level of commitment expected at DHPC.

If unable to make your lesson and give over 24 hours notice, DHPC will provide you with the make-up lesson times that are available within a week after the session. If the lesson is not made up within that weekly period, you will be charged for the missed session. If you fail to give over 24 hours notice of cancellation for a booked session, you will charged for that session.

There is a no refund policy at DHPC. If you wish to cancel your lesson time permanently or you think you will miss a lesson, please call DHPC to let them know.

If you miss 3 lessons consecutively, you immediately forfeit your lesson time and it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.