At DHPC we believe in group classes as your foundation training. This is the best way for students to develop their craft in a safe, supportive family environment where they can push themselves weekly in a fun, simulated live performance setting. We soar as a team!


Once you have selected your foundation group class or classes, you will then have exclusive access to private coaching with one of our DHPC industry coaches! In these focused one on one lessons, you will have the opportunity to refine your material at a new level of technical precision and detail. We believe this truly rich and powerful combination of private and group-based learning gives our students the winning edge.


We specialise in all vocal styles and run classes that cater to beginners, intermediate and working professionals. We develop technical excellence in tone variation, vocal acrobatics, phrasing, vibrato, breathing technique, dynamics, style, vowel modification, mic technique, movement, stagecraft and ability to support singing while dancing. We impart leading-edge international acting techniques to infuse emotional connection in each performance. These technical elements are applied and worked into a song of choice by the artist on a weekly basis until perfected. All artists are given the opportunity to perform live in an upmarket venue in Prahran every six weeks to practice and hone public performance skills.


We teach world-renowned acting techniques to arm each actor for peak performance in industry auditions and professional work, both for screen and stage. We cover voice work, accents, movement, sensory work, emotional access, script analysis, character development, and audition preparation for screen tests, theatre and in-house self-tapes. We teach our actors tools to self-care and build resilience in the industry, guiding them to nailing auditions and gaining representation.


Within this unique one on one class, our singers receive a full education on songwriting and music production alongside a professional assessment of their current songwriting skills. We encourage our students to bring a lyric or melodic idea to class and collaborate with their coach to create fully produced original songs throughout the year. This unique opportunity is a way to create a Soundcloud account, Youtube recordings of originals or covers and finished tracks for original music videos whilst gaining a comprehensive knowledge of copyright and the business legalities of the music industry. This approach allows our artists to create a catalogue of professional, original demos that can be presented to record companies.