The DHPC Acting Program is designed over a three year progression (don’t worry, its not a three year lock in!) with each year its own self contained structure.

Students enrolled in our Acting Program participate in weekly group classes and optional private extension sessions.

This performance class is designed to get actors adept at working in a group environment whether being on set or in a company of actors. We cover script analysis, improvisation, sensory work, emotional access, animal work, character development and how to take direction. This unique experience offers our actors a chance to workshop weekly in front of their peers and put their developing skills to the test in a nurturing environment under the guidance of working professional directors.

Each year is broken into seven performance points, covering stage and screen work, including an end of year Showcase at the prestigious Chapel Off Chapel. These performance points occur every six weeks so that each student is presenting work regularly throughout the year.

In addition to these performances, students receive additional supplementary content to broaden their eduction and prepare them for transition into the industry.

  • FIRST YEAR: We facilitate a Seminar with a Branding Expert so you can learn all about standing out in the crowd and how to cultivate your own personal brand.
  • SECOND YEAR: We provide a group Intensive Seminar with Dan, guest celebrity industry professional and an Australian Casting Director.
  • THIRD YEAR: We will assemble a showreel from your best screen test material, provide headshot photography and invite Agents to your graduating Showcase.

Plus each year will include a mid-year Self Care Intensive with performing arts life-coach Will Centurion, providing the skills to sustain a long, successful and happy career.


Once you have selected your foundation group class or classes, you will then have exclusive access to private coaching with one of our DHPC industry coaches! In these focused one on one lessons, you will have the opportunity to refine your material at a new level of technical precision and detail. We teach world-renowned acting techniques to arm each actor for peak performance in industry auditions and professional work, both for screen and stage. We cover voice work, accents, movement, sensory work, emotional access, script analysis, character development, and audition preparation for screen tests, theatre and in-house self-tapes. We teach our actors tools to self-care and build resilience in the industry, guiding them to nailing auditions and gaining representation.